Big Ideas

AR Details

What do you get when you cross a teacher, some students, a few Mobile Learning Devices (MLD's) and a discussion question?  Well, don't wait for a punchline, it's not a joke!  This is what I'm interested in for my Action Research project.  It's been a growing interest of mine to understand how to best integrate MLD's into my classroom environment.   And the picture to the right and the question above are really my guiding question for my inquiries to come.  If you want to know more about what scholarly literature has to say, well, I've written about that too.


More Details


There are some more details to fill in than what has already been mentioned.  For starters, a short timeline to help clarify what will need to be done is in order:


  • Create survey and questionaire along with guiding protocols for student interviews by end of January 2017.
  • By end of February, 2017, complete the IRB application process.
  • Deliver consent forms to stakeholders for research permissions by March, 2017.
  • Design a set of discussions to be held in Bible class; one with MLD's and one without.
  • By end of April, complete the classroom experiences, surveys, and interviews.
  • By mid-June, 2017, complete analysis of notes, surveys and interviews.
  • Aim for writing up the AR project by July 2017.


Future development


Data analysis of surveys, questionaires and interviews is something I'm not familiar with.  I'm going to have to be trained more in this area.  I'm also new to the field of survey-creation and interview protocols.  I'll need to work on developing quality tools towards that end too.  And, while I do have a Masters in Chemistry, this kind of writing has its unique challenges that I'm sure I'll need help with too.  You know what that sound like?  A LOT of growing to do.  Cool.  I'm looking forward the the challenge of it all.


What about you?  What's growing in your life?  I'd love to hear about it, or to hear comments about what you see on my site!

Curtis White, M.S., M.C.E.
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