Big Ideas

MCS PD Enhancement

It's happening again!  I've been growing.  This time I've been thinking quite a bit about how Professional Development is done, especially as it relates to the teaching profession.  What has been the most eye-opening about the topic for me personally is the conflict between what is effective and what is practiced.  Research indicates that a typical one-shot here's-a-new-technique kind of seminar is ineffective at effecting change in the classroom (Gulamhussein, A., 2013 and The New Teacher Project, 2015).  Yet that seems to be the default method for professional development content all over America!


I'm grateful to be in a district where this is not the case.  But there are still many ways we could improve what we do.


What if I told you I could...

  • increase faculty satisfaction with professional development (PD)
  • increase the effectiveness of our PD
  • make PD goals clearer and more measurable
  • increase student engagement in every classroom
  • improve the way technology is leveraged in the classroom


Would you be interested?


What if I told you I could accomplish this:

  • with only a small, up-front cost (in time) to administration
  • with less load on administration for the long term
  • with no additional overhead
  • without changing the current overall PD plan or structure 


Would I have your attention?


I'm convinced that by modifying the current MCS biweekly meetings in subtle but substantive ways we can achieve everything I mentioned, maybe even more!


You can hear a 'teaser trailer' for my ideas if you want.  If we could meet together, I'd love to talk through an agenda for clarifying future change.  If you're a faculty memeber, I'd like to suggest taking a survey that may provoke some new thoughts about your classroom, your teaching, and your use of technology.  I think it will empower and sharpen your goals!  If you're looking for what some small group collaboration times might look like, I've got some ideas.  And I think I can imagine how things would progress over the next couple of years.


What do you think?  Are you interested in growing?  I'd love to connect with you to talk more about this!



Gulamhussein, A. (2013). Teaching the Teacher; Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability: National School Board Association, Center for Public Education.

The New Teacher Project. (2015). The Mirage: Confronting the Hard Truth About Our Quest for Teacher Development: Center for Public Education.

Curtis White, M.S., M.C.E.
High School Faculty
Math, Science, Bible & Computers
Abundant Life Christian School
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