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Have you ever been to a well-designed garden?  They're filled with a variety of beautiful plants, arranged tastefully and tended continually.  But there is one feature that I'm drawn to in almost every garden I've been to: the reflecting pool.  There is something about a pool of smooth water that invokes calm and reflection about one's life.  I love seeing the beautiful plants all around, but there is a draw to sit aside and contemplate the paths that have helped us get to where we are.  That's what I've been doing in the last couple of weeks: reflecting on the learning I've been through.


You see, Lamar University has designed a degree in Digital Learning and Leading that I'm just about done with.  It's been a challenging set of courses.  Why challenging?  Mostly because at each step of the way I've been forced to actually apply the content to my own situation!  For example, it isn't enough to just learn about Digital Citizenship issues, I was charged to make a logo to promote it in my context.  And there are many other layers to what I've been learning.


Maybe you'd like to watch a reflective video to see what I mean:

Video not working? Here's an alternative source.


Reflections on previous posts


It's possible that you might be interested in more detail regarding the things I've mentioned in the video. Here's a set of posts that highlight the main ideas along the way:


Any of this resonating with you?  I'd love to talk more about what it means to grow good things in your classroom (or mine)!  Leave a comment!


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